About us

Informaatiopalvelu HD is a company of intelligent solutions and personalized services based on the development of software and information storage. We are a highly qualified team of experts in Design, Engineering, Processes and Development to build projects that provide support in the management of the activities of our clients, guaranteeing performance and complying with the regulations required by international standards.

  • Finland
  • Norway
  • Sweden


We are a company dedicated to the development, and design of software products and services that stand out for innovation, teamwork, price competitiveness, quality and reliability to our customers.


By 2023 Informaatiopalvelu HD will be a company with international recognition with specialized clients from the Nordic countries. Recognition will be achieved based on the satisfaction of our clients with everything related to the quality levels of their software development and data storage.


Our Team

David Hassidoff

General Manager

Diana Prieto

Director of Finance and Administration

Pekka Talala

Sales Manager

Mia Maragaki

Team Leader

Lotta Nikula

Team Leader